Afrik Festival in Odessa – genuine African vibe at the Black Sea

2015. 07. 29. 17:12 Kategória: English

Cimkék:  afrika   odessza   ukrán afrika társaság  
The African-Ukrainian Union (AUU) was officially established in the beginning of 2015 with the help and support of its brother organisation, the African-Hungarian Union, to build bridges between the Ukrainian people and the members of the African diaspora in Ukraine. On 11 July, the Odessa-based NGDO held its first social event, the Afrik Festival in Hotel Victoria, close to the Odessa Black Sea Coast. The 4-hour long gathering ideally combined games, musical performances and informative lectures about AUU’s running and planned projects. Moreover the organizers also awarded some members of the local African community, who has done a lot for the integration of African people into the Ukrainian society.